"I personally invite you to learn how we help you to be better than ever and go above and beyond for the families you serve. Call me today for a confidential conversation."
  Michael Soper, CEO

About Legacy Funeral Group

One of the most trusted names in the death care industry, Legacy Funeral Group, was founded in 1998 by Michael Soper, an executive with years of experience in funeral home and cemetery marketing. Soper knew first-hand some of the financial and operational struggles faced by smaller funeral homes, and saw an opportunity to provide what these funeral homes so desperately needed a chance to receive a little bit of structure and experienced management support while retaining an intimate, family feel; all in order to provide compassionate care to local clients.

Fast forward to today.  Legacy Funeral Group is now one of the premiere names in the funeral home and cemetery industry—and one of its fastest-growing companies. Though Legacy manages funeral homes across the country, we take pride in retaining that family-owned funeral home feel in every single community we serve.

We love providing meaningful end-of-life services to clients and families and also working with funeral professionals from around the country: Contact us today to learn about what Legacy offers.  Call Michael Soper for a confidential conversation at 713-529-5770.


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